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Hopefully will be as good as the clash games some day! This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. New Legendary Brawler, Leon! Supercell ID login flow improvements. Various minor bug fixes and improvements NEW: Check out the awesome new skins! You should see Phoenix Crow soar across the screen! We made a lot of improvements to the Friend System. You can now Play Again with other players, even if you are already in a game room. You can now watch an ad to double one of your Brawl Box rewards. Watch up to 5 ads per day to get a lot more from your Brawl Boxes!

The Shop now has free daily Brawl Boxes that expire after 24 hours. Make sure to get your free rewards before they disappear! Brawl Boxes have become even more valuable! Now collect gem rewards in your Brawl Boxes!


In addition, this update brings Friends, spectate mode, Trophy Leagues, and so much more! Penny is a plundering pirate who scatters her enemies with her trusty Plunderbuss and uses a long range cannon to barrage any cowards hiding behind walls. Frank is a hard-hitting, hammer wielding Brawler who will leave you stunned with his greatest hits!

Heist 2. Your total trophy progression is now divided into multiple leagues from Wood League to the Star League and many rewards wait to be collected when hitting trophy milestones! Spectate Mode and Friend System are here!

How to play same game on both ios and android devices without using facebook account?

After a match you can choose to play again with teammates you just clicked with and why not even add them as friends later! You can now earn all your keys by playing your favorite game mode! Key rewards from all battles have also been increased and the overall progression is now faster thanks to some newly added rewards! We are always looking out for any overperformers and underachievers in the ranks and have adjusted them accordingly! Watch your friends and find some new ones! After a random match, you can play again with the same team. Experience Brawl Stars in stunning Widescreen Vision!

We've made some big changes to Brawl Stars in order to improve the gameplay experience.

Hay Day: Save your Game Progress with Game Center (iOS7-9 only)

Most prominently, the game is now in landscape mode! This allows for improved controls using two sticks to move and aim. With the new targeting assist, you have accurate yet comfortable control over your Brawler at the tip of your thumbs. The other major change is in how you upgrade your Brawlers. Say goodbye to pins and badges - the new upgrade system is streamlined and makes it much easier to gauge a Brawler's power level.

Don't worry, all your previous upgrades will be converted to the new system! You can now buy event tickets in the shop, and tickets never expire! Coin Booster removed from game. Coin Doubler is still available in the shop and found in Brawl Boxes Fixed several issues that Darryl players were experiencing Balancing tweaks to several Brawlers and some maps Various user interface improvements to game rooms, band view and player profile view And lots of bug fixes! In this version, we've completely overhauled the Brawler upgrade system.

You can now get upgrades directly from Brawl Boxes! Still, you have the chance to pick abilities that you particularly want to upgrade using Upgrade Tokens, which replace Elixir. To top off the new Brawler upgrades, we gave every Brawler a unique Star Power that does more than just enhance the Brawler's existing abilities. When you unlock a Star Power, you also unlock a new way to play one of your favorite Brawlers! Brawl Boxes now give a lot more goodies including Brawler upgrades, and no more duplicate Brawlers! Some boxes even contain tickets that let you play special events.

How do I synch sims freeplay game on iPhone to iPa..

Without duplicate Brawlers, we also say goodbye to Chips. But there's more: We're also introducing the latest new Brawler in our roster, Darryl! Finally, we've streamlined and upgraded the whole game experience, including the Brawl screen, game rooms, shop and more.

Set up friendly matches or even tournaments with the new six player, 3v3 game room, and enjoy a Showdown with nine of your best frenemies! Tara throws piercing cards and her Super is an explosive gravity vortex. Pam is a Junker who fires projectiles from her trash compactor, and has a Super Healing Station!

Brawl Ball! Score goals with your team to win this contest! Results 1 to 10 of How to play same game on both ios and android devices without using facebook account? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. July 30th, 1. I have a IOS device ipad and a Android device mobile.

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I want to login Hay Day on both devices as one user, play same game and share data between them. For some reason, I cannot use facebook. Can I play Hay Day for such case? July 30th, 2. Originally Posted by daxue. Last edited by Velcro; July 30th, at Velcrofarm KIK: Velcrofarm Level 52 Town level 9.

synchroniser hay day

July 30th, 3. Originally Posted by Velcro. Last edited by daxue; July 30th, at July 30th, 4. Facebook is the only way cross platform. Choose the game from the list:: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Look, there's a ghost July 30th, 5. Once the game is linked in both the devices, you will not require the facebook account any more to play from those 2 devices.

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