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Or to be more precise, they'll use the same family of software. Microsoft isn't silly enough to try to cram what we'll use on a inch PC monitor onto a 5-inch phone screen. Windows 10 will take over from Windows Phone 8.

The future is Snapdragon

The first build will be released to select devs as early as February, proving that it's already a working system, not just a demo. The key question now: And does it have much chance up against Android 5. The main aim of Windows 10 for phones seems to be to catch up with something Google and Apple have been working on for a while now: Being able to check emails on two devices at the same time is a given, but Windows 10 tries a lot harder to merge platforms.

Action Center, the notifications drop-down and Windows' "brain" introduced in Windows 8. It's where you find all your new emails, invites, messages and so on. The stock messenger in desktop Windows will also offer the same communications standard, Skype , as the Windows Phone messaging app, letting the two platforms act as nodes in the same infrastructure. So your nan will be able to chat with you on your mobile while she's using a PC, without any third-party apps.

Neat, right? It's similar to what Apple does with iMessage. Although, granted, most people we know use iMessage exclusively on iPhones, and only notice it's there when it goes wrong. Windows Phone 8 adds Kids Corner, which operates as a kind of "guest mode". The user chooses which applications and games appear on the Kids Corner.

List of Windows Phone 8.1 devices

When Kids Corner is activated, apps and games installed on the device can be played or accessed without touching the data of the main user signed into the Windows Phone. Rooms is a feature added specifically for group messaging and communication. Using Rooms, users can contact and see Facebook and Twitter updates only from members of the group created. Members of the group can also share instant messages and photos from within the room. These messages will be shared only with the other room members.

Microsoft is getting it right this time

With the release of Update 3 in late , pairing a Windows Phone 8 device with a car via Bluetooth now automatically activates "Driving Mode", a specialized UI designed for using a mobile device while driving. Data Sense allows users to set data usage limits based on their individual plan. Data Sense can restrict background data when the user is near their set limit a heart icon is used to notify the user when background tasks are being automatically stopped.

In certain markets, NFC support on Windows Phone 8 can also be used to conduct in-person transactions through credit and debit cards stored on the phone through the Wallet application. Besides NFC support for transactions, Wallet can also be used to store credit cards in order to make Windows Phone Store and other in-app purchases that is also a new feature , and can be used to store coupons and loyalty cards.

Windows Phone 7 devices are not compatible with the PC version of the app, but will work with the Mac version. Zune is still used for syncing Windows Phone 7s with PCs, and thus remains downloadable from the Windows Phone website. Reviewers generally praised the increased capabilities of Windows Phone 8, but noted the smaller app selection when compared to other phones. Brad Molen of Engadget mentioned that "Windows Phone 8 is precisely what we wanted to see come out of Redmond in the first place," and praised the more customizable Start Screen, compatibility with Windows 8, and improved NFC support.

However, Molen also noted the drawback of a lack of apps in the Windows Phone Store. IDC reported that in Q1 , the first full quarter where WP8 was available to most countries, Windows Phone market share jumped to 3. Roughly a year after the release of WP8, Kantar reported in October that Windows Phone grew its market share substantially to 4.

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Midrange Windows Phone 8 Device Comparison: Nokia Lumia 820 vs HTC 8S vs Huawei W1

Retrieved July 12, Retrieved December 29, Unlimited Data Plans. Compare Phones Powered by mobileciti. Which Phone is Best? Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone 8 One of the most fundamental questions faced in choosing a new mobile phone is to consider which Operating System is right for you.

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In pictures: Comparing Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, side by side - Neowin

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