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  1. Compare Sony Xperia Acro S vs Micromax W900
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  3. Sony Xperia Acro S Review, Tech Specs and Price

The product as usual of several other Sony products assures a durable product with end-to-end entertainment as well. The product stands as one of the best option for those who look for a branded smart phone at low cost, more durable and reliable.

Compare Sony Xperia Acro S vs Micromax W900

Sony Xperia Acro S is a 4. It weights around grams and The product supports 2G and 3G networks well but fails in case of accessing 4G networks, that makes the product bit uncertain. The IP57 certified dust and water resistant design makes the product more durable and reliable.

The product is considered to be one of the most water resistant products and dominates all its rivals in this particular parameter. The product allows multi-touch and responds well even up to ten fingers.

The company continues its cute look and most identifiable shape that appeal the brand Sony among the mobile devices. The design is conscious enough to make the product flexible enough to connect to its entertainment network and easy to experience the gaming and other entertainment.

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The product comes with a standard Li-Ion mAh battery. The contacts on the phone connect with the dock when the phone is inserted to charge the handset and for data transfers over USB.

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We love this as a bonus in the box, but couldn't the dock have connected to the phone's USB port and kept its sleek black frame unspoiled? The 4. Not that this smaller screen detracts from the user experience, in fact many will prefer this. The LED-backlit LCD in this phone does a great job of delivering colourful pictures, with a good viewing angle and no discernible air-gap between the glass and the panel.

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The screen also makes use of Sony's wet finger touchscreen tech, so that you can use the phone immediately after dropping it in the loo. We have to say, that it's not a great looking phone. This design is functional; the soft-touch plastic gives grip, and the buttons are well-spaced, but there is nothing eye-catching or exciting about it either.

Sony Xperia Acro S Review, Tech Specs and Price

Huawei Mate 20 review. GSMArena team , 03 September Daring droid Sony Xperia acro S review. Introduction After the touchscreen revolution swept the mobile world, rugged smartphones became much harder to come by. Sony Xperia acro S official photos The Sony Xperia acro S may not make the Samsung Galaxy S III shake with fear, but its specs sheet seems good enough to provide a high-end smartphone experience and that should be all that matters, really.

The Sony Xperia acro S studio shots And yes, the waistline grew, which is hardly a desirable side-effect these days, but if the performance is all there, we doubt many will mind. Unboxing, degree spin, design and build quality.

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