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  5. Gigaom | Craigslist still has no official app, but here’s a pretty good substitute

You can save searches from the search screen, and even swipe away unwanted listings so you don't see them again. There's a reason it's our favorite pick over on iOS. It's a solid app, and while you'll need to pony up a few bucks via in-app purchase to unlock additional features, it's still a great app and worth trying out. Craigslist for Android CLapp Free, In-App Purchases is another solid contender that's much more than a simple web wrapper for Craigslist search results. CLapp also lets you search multiple cities and locations, view your results in a list or a grid, focus on the photos, bookmark favorite posts, and get in touch with posters right through the app.

A few people report that app is glitchy, but we didn't run into issues with it. If you have an Android tablet, the app may be especially worth a look, since it has a tablet-optimized version currently in beta. CityShop Free is another solid Craigslist app that's a bit more spartan and simple when it comes to design and features, but it's probably the easiest to use of the bunch. Large menus and big buttons make everything easy to navigate, and search results are a simple top-to-bottom scroll.

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  • Craigslist still has no official app, but here’s a pretty good substitute.
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It's a solid app, and we're including it because it's well regarded and we've had good experiences with it in the past, but a number of users are reporting that a recent updated has killed the search feature so only one result displays for every search. It's an app-killing bug, but one we can't imagine won't be fixed shortly—although it has been over a month since the last update.

These aren't the only Craigslist apps at Google Play though—there are several others, but most of them are simple web wrappers for the mobile site, and many of them demand some pretty intrusive permissions for features they don't offer, so we'd recommend you look closely before installing. We caught at least one developer offering two versions of essentially the same app at Google Play just to get out from under bugs and bad reviews, and others that are pretty much custom navigation over top of the mobile site rendered in Chrome, so keep an eye out before downloading.

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Can you tell me exact name of the App you are using for Android? Also can it notify you, if your keywords are matched? I use the Craigslist app too. It notifies u of ur search results 2 hours after the original posting on the Craigslist site. Being a craigslist junkie….

Top 10 best Craigslist apps (android/iphone) 12222

Thanks Carrie, I just had a conversation with my Grandson the other day. I said it would be nice if you could get email alerts on a specific item. I love using the app on my phone for getting craigslist notifications! I also have another app that lets me create listings directly from my phone.

My husband does this for more obscure items that he wants that don't show up very often. It's really useful!

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I use this app: You set up channels, so I do one search in Craigslist, and set up that search to email me every time a new post is made that meets my criteria. I also use it for weather — for when the high is above a certain degree 65 and I think I'll set up one for the winter as well. It's worked really well! There are lots of other options available. Android phones have a couple of free apps that work well.

Craigslist Notification App?!?

I have used them several times to keep a search going for a specific items. Do not pay for an app. The free ones work just as well. Currently on my Google phone: CraigsNortifica 3. Good question. I searched online list night and didn't see links to one, but I didn't check the iTunes store specifically for one. Hello Carrie, I see your name mentioned a few times for Craigslist instant alerts.

Wait, What is an RSS Feed?

From your experience with this topic, is there an alert that is really instant? Hi Mike! I wrote this article about Craigslist ages ago, back before I used any smartphone apps actually, so the landscape is very different today than it was several years back. Bring on the competition, I'm ready!!! Has anyone tried http: I wonder if it is a reasonable option. The CLapp Notify service will check Craigslist at a user defined interval and notify you by a ringtone and or vibration to your phone.

Gigaom | Craigslist still has no official app, but here’s a pretty good substitute

It works well! I know the app has a funny name.

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I just use it. Hope this helps.

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I switched to Classified Notifier which sends notifications to my phone as soon as they are posted. I have been desparately trying to find out why the Reply button on the jobs posting does not work on my computer. I sent the help desk 4 emails and they keep sending me their automated reponse. I asked to have someone call me. I have had no response.

Their customer service is the pitts. I use nothing but CLMonitor … its an android app that has become invaluable to me and my business.