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In accordance with ICEA publication S, the colour code is composed of ten 10 distinctive colours to identify 25 pairs. Marking of each mate of the primary conductor in a pair with the colour of that primary conductor is optional.

Colour Codes & Cable Make Up|Telephone Cable

When cables of larger than 25 pairs are required, the core shall be assembled into pair sub-units, each colour coded in accordance with ICEA publication S Cables with over pairs shall have pair binder groups combined into super units. These super units shall be wrapped with a solid colour thread that follows the primary colour scheme of white, red, black, yellow and violet. Binder colour code integrity shall be maintained wherever cables are spliced. Cabling Element No.

How to make a Telephone Cable - USOC RJ11 RJ45

Note 2: Uppercase letters indicate the base, solid colour of insulation, and the lower case indicates ink bands applied onto the base colour. Pair Size. Number of Unit.


Position of Units. Cable Size.

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Alternative make-ups are shown for some sizes and as a further alternative any cable can be made-up using 25 Pair Units throughout. Bd, J-HH. Bd and J-2Y St Y. The insulating coverings of single cores of a star quad are marked with black rings. The cores of 5 star quads of a sub unit are counted according to the sequence of basic colours:.

Modern Telephone Cable Color Code

So, looking on the table below you will see that wire pair 26 starts with white and blue again repeating the color pattern for the next 25 pairs and ends with slate and violet just like the first 25 pairs. Get to know the color code and use it to your advantage to simplify your installations and remove the guess work.

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    10 pairs telephone cable, telephone cable color code

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    Telephone and Data Wire Color Codes

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