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  1. Bowling Green, KY cell phone coverage and reception
  2. Verizon Wireless' Black-out zones prevent pre-paid customers from using data or placing calls
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Also is there a reason Verizon does this? Are there plans to correct this in the future? If you don't have coverage you can not place phone calls, Verizon does it to encourage month to month users, And not that I know of. Thanks Daniel -- Doesn't that seem a bit dangerous though what if the customer is in need of emergency assistance and can't place the call? Then I would suggest having month to month. Thanks for your time. It has been my pleasure to chat with you today!

Please feel free to re-open the chat session if you need further assistance. Thank you and have a great day! So there you have it -- if you have an emergency in a black out zone and need to use your Verizon pre-paid phone you're out of luck. Print Email. If you are a pre-paid customer or you purchased one for your child - check the coverage are before they travel. It never occurred to me that there were towers that discriminate between contract users and prepaid users. After getting a customer service tech rep via the number I got an answer.

Bowling Green, KY cell phone coverage and reception

She suggested I become a contract user to resolve the problem otherwise I would need to drive further north to Louisville, KY to gain mobile access. We were headed to Louisville later in the vacation but I certainly wasn't going to up my plan over the phone just for connection purposes. That prompted me to chat with a Verizon customer service rep via live chat to get some answers -- after I returned from vacation. Here's the conversation -- pay attention to my question about emergencies at the end: When I say black out I mean the towers do not service pre-paid accounts rather contract users only Daniel Q.: Maybe I'm reading it wrong Daniel Q.: While I understand they can do what they want -- I still think it's extremely dangerous for folks who may be traveling and like me unaware of the black out zones.

Verizon Wireless' Black-out zones prevent pre-paid customers from using data or placing calls

These plans are often more flexible with pricing than plans with contracts. Prepaid and pay-as-you-go plans are the most flexible, as you only pay for what you need. Once you've used what you pay for, you reload and start over. One downside to cell phone plans without contracts is that you often have to pay the full price of the phone upfront.

Before choosing a plan with no contract, you should weigh the benefits and disadvantages heavily. When choosing a plan that comes with a contract, you must continue to pay each month for the duration of the signed contract. Most contracts work on a two-year basis. To cancel your contract early, you will usually be required to pay a termination fee. These fees are often expensive to keep customers from choosing to cancel early. The first thing to decide when selecting a new mobile plan in Bowling Green, KY is the number of members within the same plan.

If the answer is more than one, you'll almost certainly want a family plan. You'll also need to decide exactly what services you'd like and what limits you'll need. Many contract plans have an economical tier that offers only a few hundred voice minutes and text messages each month. Those who use their devices constantly to talk and text should consider an unlimited plan. These are typically a bit pricier, but they offer more utility and no overage fees. If you decide to go with a prepaid plan of some sort, you'll pay for minutes before you use them. As mobile internet utility increases over time, so does the amount of data that mobile plans need to include.

Carriers often charge ridiculous overages for excessive data usage without an unlimited plan, and most plans in the current market don't have an unlimited data option.

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To avoid those pricey overage charges, make sure you find a plan that works in Bowling Green, KY with adequate data limits. Bowling Green, KY contains all the major coverage networks, and these often integrate the smaller carrier networks into their own coverage. The largest carriers include: You should be covered by all of these networks. They offer individual, family, and no-contract plans, and give you a variety of options for customizing your plan to your specific needs. Verizon makes you have to choose between either a family, individual, or no contract plan. Shared data plans must be used by either a single individual plan or a family, and are purchased alongside unlimited text and talk, as well as a required amount of data.

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Sprint offers a variety of plans with coverage in Bowling Green, KY, including an affordable unlimited plan, making them optimal for data usage, especially because they boast a very affordable unlimited 4G LTE data plan. T-Mobile offers only no-contract plans, which means that you make your monthly payments without having to commit to a long term contract. T-Mobile sells these as either individual or family plans. You can also find a number of small carriers with service in Bowling Green, KY, called MVNOs, using the major carriers coverage, which we will help you locate by using our cell phone comparison tool.

Cellular 2GB Total U. Cellular 6GB Total U. Cellular Unlimited Plus Total U.

Best Cell Phone Plans in Bowling Green, KY | Wirefly

Data Select the amount of total data you need for the entire plan. Number of Lines - Any -.

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Contract Length - Any -. Filters x Filters: Line Carrier Advanced. Atlantis Telecom. Boost Mobile. Credo Mobile. BOOM Mobile. Metro by T-Mobile. Pix Wireless.

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