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Here is how you can locate the app easily. First off, you first need to swipe down from the screen to access Spotlight search on your iPhone. Once you are done, you simply need to enter Calculator or any app you are looking for.

Step three: The app will show up under the Search bar and then all you need to do is to tap on it to open the app. Also read: Steps to bring back Apple Music app on your iOS 10 device home screen. As iOS 11 heralds a bit only software era, the iPhone 5, 5c and iPad fourth-generation will be left behind.

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Like always, there are also a lot of things coming to both iPhone and iPad. Widgets and shortcuts now appear as individual platters that can be firmly pressed using 3D Touch to reveal deeper functionality. For example, 3D Touch on the Music platter to show album art, volume slider and track progress. Apple has also added many new optional controls that have never been available before including an Apple TV remote, a text size button, shortcut to Wallet cards and passes and more. If you add enough custom shortcuts, the iPhone will not be able to fit everything on screen at once, and Control Center will become scrollable.

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  • Basic & Scientific Calculator.
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  • There is even a brand new screen recording feature that saves everything you see on your iPhone or iPad screen as a movie file to the Camera Roll. The only way to use Screen Recording is through the Control Center platter, which has to be switched on from Settings as it is not included by default.

    8 Annoying iOS 11 Problems and How to Deal With Them

    Apple has spruced up the home screen design this time around with new iconography for several flagship Apple apps. Contacts now displays a man and a woman in its icon to improve gender representation. The Calculator icon has changed from an abstract buttoned look to a miniature depiction of a desk calculator. Many other of the system app icons have also received minor tweaks.

    The home screen itself has seen a few design updates including a bolder font face and the removal of name labels in the dock. On iPad, the dock has even more changes see below.

    Pedometer Apps for iOS and Android

    Rather than having two distinct interfaces that show notification banners, the two areas of the system now share very similar appearance and functionality. In fact, if you pull down from the top of screen in iOS 11, it may at first be confusing. The new Cover Sheet uses your Lock Screen wallpaper and includes the same quick access to widgets and Camera as the real lock screen.

    Whilst the lock screen only displays recent banners, the Cover Sheet will always show the full list of notifications.

    Hide/Lock photo/video under calculator on iPhone - Easy TechTips

    Whilst the unification was aimed at simplifying two related concepts of iOS, it is confusing to get to grips with. Apple has rethought every screen of the App Store in iOS 11 to improve discovery and cleanly distinguish between apps and games categories and charts. The new Today screen will update regularly with rich editorial content from App Store writers featuring hit apps, how-to guides, interviews with developers and more.

    View games in the Games tab, apps in the Apps tab. Apple is making a clear distinction between the two categories to hopefully improve visibility of both apps and games with dedicated features and independent top charts. The new App Store also surfaces a lot more video previews, makes it easier to read top reviews, and offers new options to developers for promoting In-App Purchases as first class citizens in the store. Siri now supports translation from U. There are new third-party SiriKit integrations for notes and list-based apps, QR codes and banking apps.

    Siri intelligence is also being used in more places to recommend stories in the News app, find related search queries in Safari, and more. The flagship change for the virtual assistant this year is a brand-new synthesised voice: Apple has used a new voice actor to record the base sound profile. To take advantage of the new voice, go into Siri settings and select the United States Female voice.

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    Hopefully, Apple will bring the same technology to more voices and localities in future updates. The Camera app includes a refreshed set of nine artistic filters to apply to shots; swipe up from the bottom of the viewfinder to reveal the new filter wheel or tap the Filters button in the toolbar.

    Apple has updated the Portrait mode to create more realistic depth effect imagery.

    How to find the iPhone calculator's hidden backspace button

    By default, exported images and videos will be converted into the usual JPG and MP4 formats for compatibility. Also new in the Camera app this year is an integrated QR code reader. There is no UI for this but if you point the Camera at a QR code, it will automatically scan the code and display a banner on the screen. Users can simply tap the banner to perform the action like opening a website. The Photos app will now sync faces in the People album across devices using iCloud Photo Library, allowing users to organize their family face albums once but view the same information across iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac.

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