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Strategic Partners. Oracle workflow is a solution for integrating complete end-to-end business process in ERP. Workflow Mailer Notification via email The following are the key points that need to be taken care of if workflow emails are not received for the particular notification: A valid email address should be set for the recipient, for whom the email notification has to be received.


Navigation Path: If the workflow process is not getting initiated, get the workflow name and itemkey. Itemkey is a key to identify the workflow instances Eg: Clear the cache always if the notifications listed in the notification worklist were not able to open.

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Select the workflow with respective to Payment batch id. Errors can be listed out on the particular activity if any. These rules are defined by the user according to the item type for the particular notification. In Oracle Applications, we can control what item types are available for vacation rules using the WF: Vacation Rules — Allow All profile option. If you attempt to view the action history and you receive the following error: APP This document is either incomplete or you do not have access to it.

Then this represents that Workflow has not yet performed a submit into the action history table. The document approval manager performs the action of submitting a record into the Action History and therefore is required to be running. It should be confirmed that the document approval manager is running. Step 2.


oracle workflow tables | Dibyajyoti Koch:A Blog on Oracle Application

Notification Summary — review the Notification Summary for the user that submitted the document. Are there any notifications present?

Oracle E-Business Suite - Account Generator Workflow Extension

Because online form messaging alerts are now present in the form of notifications, it is imperative that the summary be reviewed for any informative notifications explaining in more detail as to the problem. Step 3. Confirmation that the Workflow Background Process has been run via the System Administrator responsibility.

Step 4. Ensure that all tables contain the necessary space to record the Workflow processing data. As users submit a document for Approval and the Workflow process is called, data is recorded into a series of Workflow tables. To quickly confirm whether the tables are having space limitations or not? Run the following in SQL: The value returned by this SQL statement represents the location of the alert log on the database server,. For the instance in question. Please ask the Database Administrator to review the latest entries into the alert.

R12 – Workflow Mailer Troubleshooter Guide & Key Points

There is no message returned stating document has been submitted for Approval, nothing happens. The hourglass comes for 1 second, and then leaves, and the approval form is still present. This is most likely a table space issue.

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Step 5. Workflow Monitor from the Purchase Summary screens. Utilize the Workflow monitor to track the path which the document has taken during its submission to Workflow. Are there any processes that contain errors?

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