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We did see some video shot with the phone that Sea World shot in the gallery and it looked pretty good. Conclusion If you haven't picked it up by now, Nokia isn't going after the power users here. The phone will be marketed under Nokia's "Live" banner, and really concentrates on the most basic communications -- calling and texting -- with a whole bunch of multimedia piled on top.

Nokia's Comes With Music helps on that end of things, and the screen certainly helps with video, but this is no iPhone when it comes to to solid media integration or full-featured media player apps. On the communication side, we're sad to see Nokia almost burying some of its S60 advantages. Everything's still there, but Nokia didn't put the gruntwork in necessary to really take advantage a next-gen interface as it relates to keeping track of emails, social networking, IM and the correspondences of more than four people.

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Voice Changer Symbian App - Download for free on PHONEKY

Show More Results. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active hands-on: Ready for the gym. Samsung Galaxy S10e hands-on: High-end, but not too high. Xiaomi Mi 9 hands-on: Speedy, stylish and a great camera, too. Latest in Image credit:.

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Nokia XpressMusic hands-on 36 Photos A minor facelift is noticed but looks are still pretty conservative. They all share a common intuitive editor which by this point should be quite familiar to everyone. When composing an SMS, a counter is displayed of characters left to the limit of An indicator in brackets is showing the number of separate parts the message will be divided into for sending. Once you insert some multimedia content, or an email address is inserted as recipient, the counter is replaced by a data counter showing the size of your email.

The XpressMusic uses a common intuitive editor for all your messages.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic hands-on

Nokia XpressMusic also features the dedicated editor for instant recording of audio messages. Much like with Symbian S60 v3. The interface of all the messengers is quite similar too. Delivery reports can be turned on - they pop up once the message reaches the addressee, and are then saved in a separate folder in the messaging sub-menu.


When you are exiting the message editor without having sent the message, you get prompted to save it in Drafts or discard it. Here might just be the right time to mention the input options on Nokia XpressMusic. The handset offers a standard alphanumeric on-screen keypad in both portrait and landscape mode, as well as a virtual QWERTY landscape keyboard. The latter takes up about two thirds of the screen and is really nice to type on.

The alphanumeric keypad is available in both portrait and landscape modes. Typing is enhanced by nice and accurate haptic feedback and the keys are large enough so typos are reduced to a healthy minimum. Unfortunately there is no predictive typing like on the Apple iPhone or the Nokia E71 but we do not consider this much of a disadvantage.

Unfortunately rotating the handset doesn't bring up the landscape QWERTY keyboard as a default input method, instead you have to pick it up manually from the menu. Another update brought by the latest firmware is the automatic switching between multitap and full QWERTY keyboard when you tilt the phone sideways. You no longer need to make two clicks to change the keyboard layout each time.

That would be a real blessing for heavy texters. There is also a mini QWERTY keyboard, which is only good for stylus or plectrum use but we doubt anyone will use it too often. Its main advantage is that it takes little space on the screen. Finally, the Nokia XpressMusic offers handwriting recognition, which did a rather decent job, recognizing almost all the letters we scribbled in the box. You can improve its performance by taking the handwriting training - where you actually show the handset how you write each different letter.

The handwriting recognition worked pretty well for us. The email client is really nice, able to meet almost any emailing needs. The easy setup we found in the latest Nokia handsets is also available with the XpressMusic. It has even been touched here and there, so it needs even less input.

Free Voice Changer Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Java Apps

If you are using any public email service it has to be among the over supported providers , all you have to do is enter your username and password to start enjoying email on the go. The phone downloads all the needed settings to get you going in no time. With the previous version selection was automatic. Nicely done! Tagged guide 1 iPhone. Blogger news. Featured Post 6. Featured Post 8. Featured Post 4. Sponsors Subscribe in a reader. Text free counter.

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